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Evolving Schools

Why Evolving Schools?

The founders of believe strongly that students of all ages can learn and improve. Individuals may need to discover and learn in their own ways, and at their own paces, but step-by-step and inch-by-inch, they will learn. What can do for you, your teachers and schools?

We can shorten the time it takes to help you create great teachers and successful students.

  • Yes, it is true that research shows that it takes 10,000 hours of practice and ten years of consistency to develop true expertise. (Malcom, 2008), yet each of our consultants has between fifteen and thirty-five years of proven success transforming students and teachers. Learn from us. Learn with us.
  • Let's not take the students' time for the natural learning curve of your staff.

We can mentor administration, professional staff, aides and monitors, parents.

  • Mentoring: Our Style: Mentoring, according to our philosophy, is not designed to create carbon copies of our mentors, rather to help new professionals develop themselves by designing their own repertoire of strategies and ideas that work.

We are your Silent Partner: Make yourself a Superstar!

  • We discreetly observe, intervene, model, and measure.
  • We can come into your school and classrooms, in a very respectful, non-intimidating, and productive manner, to observe teaching and learning as it happens; not for the purpose of evaluating teachers, but rather to support them by making recommendations. Specific, manageable, and r esearch-based interventions, AIS, Tiers 1,2,3 Interventions, ELL, etc.
  • Show you when additional, highly specialized services may need to be rendered, such as when a child should and should not be referred to the Committee of Special Education.
  • We build your staff development based on your needs, not pre-packaged, quick-fix products or books.

What can schools do to increase the probability of student success?

  • Recognize that student success is achieved by deliberate and well-planned instruction that nurtures, enriches, educates, and inspires.
  • Recognize that strategies are best implemented in a methodical, well-paced manner.
  • Learn the stages of implementation. What can you expect when trying a new strategy? What is the time frame?
  • Support professional learning by building learning cohorts. Learn which interventions should be school-wide, classroom based, or individual.
  • Retain highly qualified staff. Build local capacity by developing expertise within each building. Build teams.

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