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"The mentoring I received as I transitioned from private industry to public education was invaluable. It helped sharpen my understanding of how students learn."

Daniel R. Kaplan, Ph.D., Princeton University, 1982
Recipient: New Jersey Distinguished Teacher Award: Outstanding Secondary Teacher, 2012.

"Classes are engaging, materials are clear, and opportunities for meaningful discussions are plentiful…"

ELL Teacher, Suffolk County, 2013

Our train-the-trainer workshop taught the in-house staff developers’ new information about adult learners, how to create effective training materials, and how to use brain-based science to improve learning and reduce costly errors.

Corporate Executive, New York, New York

I am 20+ year veteran of teaching in a very large and diverse high school. After many failed attempts at collecting assignments, I employed a technique learned through Ms. Weinman's graduate class. Attendance has improved, and my homework success rate has gone from 45% to 95% in a couple of weeks.

Dennis Callahan, South Huntington Public Schools,l 2013

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