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Evolving Schools

Professional Development for Educators and Private Industry


Our mission is to offer leadership and other stakeholders effective, hands-on solutions and follow-up to professional development and training needs which are customized, fiscally responsible, and relevant.

We can design experiences for management, or new, experienced, ambitious and/or reluctant staff. When it comes to adult learning, choose the consultants with 30+ years experience. Whether you need in-house train-the-trainer workshops, or facilitators to show you how identify root cause, analyze data, design training and adult learning modules, set a track for growth and change, diagnose training/classroom/student issues, evolvingschools is your best starting point.

Rates range from 2-hour awareness sessions for large audience, to a complete consulting menu.


Teachers benefit from our realistic, practical research-based strategies and knowledge; a full repertoire of courses for educators at all stages of their careers. Specialists work specifically with experienced teachers, new teachers, and those who entered the field through alternate certification or as a second career. Reflective practice yields results.

Parents: Home to School; School to Home

Help parents/guardians become effective partners at home and at school. Appropriate strategies for the staff to engage parents in the learning process.

Workshops address the working parent, the bilingual household, the single parent, and the active family, among others. All of our workshops are custom built to address your audience's concerns.